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2024-2025 Kitchen CORE

The primary role Kitchen CORE staff contribute to the overall food service of staff and guests through assisting our full-time staff in leading, training and working alongside our seasonal staff. We have Kitchen CORE positions in both Cooking and Dining Room Service. Daily activities include but are not limited to: supervising staff, preparing and cooking food, serving our guests, and cleaning the kitchen and dining rooms as well as assisting with the washing and putting away of dishes. read more

2024-2025 Staff Coach CORE

The primary role of the Staff Coach is to work alongside the Human Resources team to care for and minister to the staff individually and as a staff community. The Staff Coach is responsible to coordinate and execute staff experiences for personal, spiritual and social development. Activities include planning and organizing our weekly staff service (Cadence) including booking speakers and worship teams, leading a weekly bible study, speaking at Cadence and Staff Weeks, planning small groups and questions, matching one to one mentoring relationships amongst staff as well as spearheading social activities. read more

Guest Relations Summer Supervisor


The Guest Relations Summer Supervisor primary responsibility within the departments is to oversee the Guest Relations Specialists and Transportation Coordinators by providing training, performance reviews, and ensuring that Muskoka Woods customer service standards are being met. They will also provide support to the full-time guest relations staff and summer team with special projects and any departmental needs that arise during the summer. As well as participating in and contributing to weekly meetings, the guest relations summer supervisor will be expected to provide excellent customer service to our guests and parents for a seamless experience before, during and after their child's week at camp. This person will manage guest information and registration details including payments, personal information, transportation, and store account; they will be responsible for responding to incoming customer inquiries over phone, email, and live chat. The Guest Relations Summer Supervisor must track all customer interactions in our CRM database called Circuitree. read more

Health Care Centre Administrator

The Health Care Centre Administrator becomes part of a collaborative team of healthcare professionals consisting of HCC Managers, physician, two registered nurses and a team of seasonal health care centre staff. Under the supervision and direction of the HCC Managers, the Administrator will be responsible for managing the information database and running the HCC clinic in a professional manner including processing patients, printing charts, inputting information, ordering medications and supporting the team where needed. read more


The primary role of the Videographer is to plan, shoot and edit videos developed for Cadence, Spark, Impact, Conversation Cafe and other special projects. A typical schedule for the Videographer is varied throughout the week depending on the video needs of each day and week that includes daytime and evening work. read more

Fall 2024 – Activity Instructor

The primary role of an Activity Instructor is to instruct guests in a variety of sports, adventure activities, arts, nature and team-building programs. Staff are trained in program delivery for up to 25 different activities and are required to run activities for groups of 10 to 20 children at a time. read more

Fall 2024 – Studio Host

The primary role of the Studio Host is to support our full-time Leadership Studio staff in leading and facilitating activities and providing program for our guests. Hosts are responsible to create and maintain a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in the Studio and provide excellent customer service to all guests. Studio Hosts regularly provide hospitality services in the Studio including food service, cleaning, dishwashing and firewood management. **Please note: All positions are required to work in other areas including program, kitchen, housekeeping, groundskeeping, snow removal and office coverage. Staff are required to attend all meetings as outlined during staff training including Cadence and Small Group. read more

Fall 2024 – Production

The primary role of the Production Staff within this department is to work alongside the Production Coordinator/Production CORE and provide our guests with creative and professional production services and support all audio, visual, lighting and set up needs including moving, lifting, set up and take down of staging (stages, tarps, tables, tents etc.) and equipment. (speakers, microphones, lights etc.) Weekly schedule requires day and evening work and schedule varies depending on our guest needs. read more

Fall 2024 – Maintenance

The primary role of the Maintenance Staff is to contribute to the maintenance and care of all accommodations, meeting areas, public spaces and grounds. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: mowing and trimming grass, sweeping, collecting garbage, moving firewood, moving equipment, snow removal, and assisting the full time maintenance staff where needed. read more

Fall 2024 – Kitchen Service

The primary role of the Kitchen Service Staff within this department is to set up and manage the cold and hot buffets, juice machines, and coffee stations in each dining room as well as assisting with the washing and putting away of dishes. All Service Crew are also required to contribute to the overall cleanliness of the kitchen and dining hall areas through sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, garbage removal, wiping down of surfaces, sanitizing work stations and food prep areas. A typical shift for Service Staff is varied throughout the week (6:00am - 2:30pm, 11:00am - 7:30pm, 6:00am - 10:30am/4pm - 7:30pm) read more

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