International Applicants

Immigration papers/documents are needed in order to work and earn money in Canada.

Your options are:

  1. International Experience Canada Program (IEC) (working holiday visa):

This visa is appropriate for applicants who wish to stay in Canada for 1 – 2 years and work for multiple employers anywhere within Canada. The IEC process requires filling out an online profile which then goes into a “pool”. According to their website the wait can be days, weeks or months. If successful, you will then receive an acceptance notice and further paperwork. Biometrics (fingerprints) are required. You do not need a “job offer” from Muskoka Woods or any other paperwork in order to apply for an IEC. You should consider applying for this work permit as early as possible since the wait can be lengthy. The cost for the IEC Visa is approximately $150.00 CDN.

  1. Exemption from Labour Market Impact Assessment – International Mobility Program – Unique work situations:

This work permit is perfect for people who wish to work for Muskoka Woods for 1 – 4 seasons and then plan to return home. You would not be allowed to work for any other employer while on this work permit. Biometrics (fingerprints) are required. Muskoka Woods will provide all paperwork needed for you to apply either online or at Port of Entry (Toronto airport). Preparation time is required, so do not delay in submitting your Muskoka Woods application. This work permit is free.

**Please note:  Due to COVID-19, the process to apply for a work permit as well as regulations surrounding the entry into Canada is subject to Government of Canada protocols and can change at any time.  Muskoka Woods will update the information on this page as we are made aware of changes. 

Payroll Policy:

Once hired, international staff will be considered employees and must obtain a Social Insurance Number, open a Canadian Bank account, and complete a TD1 Tax Form to document their status in Canada for tax purposes.

  • The TD1 form questions are included in the onboarding section of your online profile.
  • The Social Insurance Number can be obtained at the airport or will be arranged by Muskoka Woods.
  • We encourage you to open a Canadian bank account to deposit your paycheques.

**Please note: International staff will be subject to non-resident Canada tax laws.

Medical Insurance:

If an employee is injured while “on the job”, the cost of the injuries will be covered under WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board). However, if he/she is injured while not working, or if an international staff member becomes ill and requires a visit to the hospital (including any surgeries, dental emergencies and prescriptions) any expenses incurred would not be covered. We require all International staff to obtain personal medical/travel insurance for the duration of their stay in Canada and upload proof of coverage in their onboarding.  Please ensure that your insurance provider covers all Covid-19 related illnesses.

Manulife is a company many staff have used, however, employees may source their own.

*Please note: Individuals staying longer than 6 months with a valid work permit may apply for an Ontario Health Card after working and living in Ontario for 6 months.

Travelling while in Canada:

If you are on the “Muskoka Woods specific” work permit, you may travel before and after your contract as long as you are not earning money while in Canada and you have the Electronic Travel Authorization (which you would apply for before you travel).

Are you ready to apply?  

Now that you know a little bit about work permits, pay, travelling and medical insurance, we’re hoping you will consider working at Muskoka Woods. Here are the few easy steps that you’ll need to follow.

Step 1:  Fill out an online application

Step 2:  Once your three references have been submitted and your application is reviewed, candidates will receive an invitation by email to book a video conference interview with a member of the HR team.

Step 3:  If successful, a contract/job offer will be emailed to you. You will need to sign/accept your contract within a week of the offer. 

Step 4:  Onboarding: All onboarding paperwork must be completed on your online profile.

Step 5:  For those applying for a Muskoka Woods specific work permit, our HR team will send all the appropriate information to you.

Step 6:  You’re on our team!!!

Why not consider multi-season employment?  Muskoka Woods is a great place to spend your gap year!  Apply now to spend one, two, three or four seasons at Muskoka Woods!

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Huff –