Police Checks

Muskoka Woods Police Check Policy:

Muskoka Woods now requires all staff submit a police check every 3 years. If you have provided one to MW within the last 3 years, you do not need another this year. Your completed police check is due one month prior to your start date.

If you are new to Muskoka Woods the instructions are listed below:

Canadians who are 18 and over – apply online:

Please select the following option: CCRC with LPI. This is the enhanced police information check (Canadian Criminal Record Check with Local Police information).

You will need to enter the required information and consent to the background check.  Then you will answer some identity questions and submit.

You will be asked to supply your credit card information for payment ($29 + tax). Within 24 hours the results will be available for you and Muskoka Woods to view.

You may also attend your local police station and obtain your own if you choose. Muskoka Woods requires either an Enhanced Criminal Record Check or a Vulnerable Sector Police Check.

If you run into any problems with your online application you can contact the myBackCheck applicant support line at 1-877-455-6730.  Choose option #1 for English, then option #1 again for applicant support.

If you have any questions, email diane@muskokawoods.com.

Canadians who are 16 & 17

Due to legislation changes made last fall, most police jurisdictions will not process a police clearance letter for those under 18.

You will receive an email from Diane Huff with an invitation link to apply for an online police check in early June. You will be deducted $29 + tax from your summer paycheque to cover the cost. This police check will be good for 3 years of employment with Muskoka Woods.

Feel free to email diane@muskokawoods.com if you have any questions.


You are required to show documentation that states that you do not have a criminal record or charges pending. There are two options for you to consider:

  • Apply for and obtain a police check yourself from your local police institution. If you choose this route, please scan and send your police check to Diane Huff (diane@muskokawoods.com) and keep the original with your work permit documents to provide to the immigration officer upon arrival into Canada. Once you have arrived at Camp, please give the document to our Human Resources Department.


  • Apply online through a company called Sterling Talent Solutions/Backcheck.  Muskoka Woods would deduct the cost from your summer paycheque. The costs are below in Canadian currency.  In order to go this route, you’ll need to contact Diane Huff – diane@muskokawoods.com to receive an invitation link.


International Police Check Costs
Primary US Criminal Record Check  $37.00 CAD
UK Criminal Record Check $85.00 CAD
Australian Criminal Record Check  $198.00 CAD
Belgium Criminal Record Check  $64.00 CAD
Germany Criminal Record Check  $79.00 CAD
Netherlands Criminal Record Check  $165.00 CAD
New Zealand Criminal Record Check  $70.00 CAD
Paraguay Criminal Record Check $125.00 CAD
South Africa Criminal Record Check  $116.00 CAD