Volunteer at Muskoka Woods

Be Empowered, Engaged, and Inspired: A Journey of Meaningful Impact and Community Connection

This is your opportunity to grow in leadership, and have unforgettable experiences on the beautiful shores of Lake Rosseau.

Whether you’re reconnecting with the place that shaped your youth or embarking on a new adventure, Muskoka Woods is where your impact as a volunteer creates lasting memories.

Alumni Families Volunteered since 1979

High school volunteer hours earned last summer

Different areas to volunteer in

Full for 2024

Alumni Family Volunteer Program

Bring your family for a unique week-long experience at the camp that once nurtured your growth. This program is tailored for those who’ve previously worked at Muskoka Woods and now wish to share this special place with their families. Limited to one family per week, it’s a perfect blend of volunteering and family bonding.

Full for 2024

Alumni Volunteer
(Without Family)

For our dedicated alumni (25+ years old), return to your Summer Camp roots and contribute your skills and passion, all while reliving the joys of camp life. This option is ideal for those who wish to volunteer independently and reconnect with the community.

Summer Camp Volunteer

Are you between the ages of 16-25 and eager to be part of something meaningful or looking to fulfill high school volunteer hours? Join us as a Summer Camp Volunteer! Dive into cabin life, lead activities, and gain invaluable experience working with children aged 6-16.

Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering at Muskoka Woods:

  • Experience the vibrant Muskoka Woods staff community
  • Gain valuable experience in various roles, from counseling to hospitality
  • Be a part of a supportive, fun-filled environment on the stunning Lake Rosseau
  • Earn 48 hours per week of high school volunteer hours

Important 2024 Dates

February 1st

Volunteer applications open

March 25th

You’ll begin to hear from us about opportunities

June 30th to August 30th

Week-long volunteer sessions run

Your Role as a Volunteer

As a Muskoka Woods volunteer, you’ll be the heart of our camp’s vibrant energy. Whether it’s guiding children in activities, supporting cabin life, or contributing to our hospitality services, your role is integral to the Muskoka Woods experience. We appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication as you help create an unforgettable summer for our guests.

Join Us!

Ready to make a difference and create memories that last a lifetime? Apply today to become a volunteer at Muskoka Woods Summer Camp. For more information and to apply, contact volunteer@muskokawoods.com. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community!

Volunteering FAQs:

Is there an actual job description for volunteering?

Yes, here it is:
The primary role of a volunteer at Muskoka Woods is to support the camp where needed on a week to week basis. Volunteers add a burst of energy and encouragement to their assigned area and are greatly appreciated as we serve our summer guests! Volunteers, most often, will fill a specific need that we have during their assigned week. Volunteers may be assigned to be an in-cabin counsellor, an instructor of one of our many activities, or to a hospitality department such as kitchen or housekeeping. Assignments are generally not known until the volunteer contract commences. Requests, skills and abilities will be evaluated and taken into consideration during assignment. While at camp, volunteers are required to attend all meetings as outlined during onboarding at camp, including Cadence and Small Group. Through our Alumni Family Volunteer program, we also offer opportunities for Alumni to bring their family to camp while they volunteer with us for a week. Through this program, their children have the opportunity to take part in Summer Camp either as a guest in a cabin, or as a day guest, participating in activities while staying with their family, depending on availability.

Can I volunteer for more than one week?
With the exception of the Alumni Family Volunteer Program, yes you can!
Will I have to find my own accommodations?
Not at all! While volunteering at Muskoka Woods you will receive all the same benefits as Muskoka Woods staff including accommodations in the community with staff and all your meals.
If I want to come and work for the full summer, can I still receive high school volunteer hours?

Yes, Muskoka Woods is willing to offer volunteer hours alongside your compensation to high school students who choose to work in one of our Summer Staff positions for the summer.

How will my volunteering position be determined?
We base your volunteer placement on what our staffing needs are on a week to week basis. Typically, volunteers aged 16-17 help with Hospitality, and those 18 years of age and up assist with Arts & Athletics. While we aren’t able to confirm which position you will be volunteering in until arrival, we will discuss positions during your interview to determine best fit.
Can I volunteer during seasons other than Summer?

Yes, if you are interested in volunteering outside of Summer Camp, please reach out to volunteer@muskokawoods.com for more information

Do I need any experience to volunteer?

Muskoka Woods is looking for staff whose personal values match the MW Core Values which includes having a passion for working with children and youth. Volunteers must be energetic, have a positive attitude, and be willing to constructively contribute to the community and our guests in a variety of ways. All volunteers must be willing to contribute where assigned.