Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multi-season contract?

Muskoka Woods offers seasonal employment all year round! Join us for the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall or a combination of the seasons. Come and experience what Muskoka Woods has to offer each season as the snow falls, the flowers bloom, the sun shines, and the leaves fall.

What will my daily schedule be like and when is my time off?

Each season and department have different daily schedules and time off assigned, this will be reviewed for each position in the interview process. For more information, please feel free to email

How many seasonal staff do you hire? What is the age range of the team?

The staff community varies from season to season. Fall and Winter is our smallest, most intimate community with a staff of 50.  As we get into the spring, we hire approximately 70 people. Summer is an experience unto its own with a staff of over 350 young people. Generally, our seasonal staff age range is from 16 to 25 years-old.

Can I bring my car? Is there parking?

Yes you can bring your car. Muskoka Woods provides a large parking lot where you can park your car.

What skills will I gain from working at Muskoka Woods?
Muskoka Woods believes in “inspiring youth to shape their world.” In order to support this initiative we take the mentoring, coaching and training of our staff seriously. We believe everyone can be a leader. We define a leader as “Someone who looks at their world and says, ‘It doesn’t have to be this way’, and does something about it.”
Our passion is to provide a safe environment for our staff to learn more about their individual strengths and how that contributes to a team. You will grow professionally, spiritually and personally here at Muskoka Woods all while having fun!
As Muskoka Woods is a Christian camp, we also provide weekly church services, small groups, and one-on-one mentoring for staff in order to develop a safe Christian environment in which to live.
I’m not a Canadian citizen. Can I still work at Muskoka Woods?

In most cases, yes, you will be able to work at Muskoka Woods. We love having international staff on our team! Most staff come to Muskoka Woods on a Summer Camp Staff work permit. Our HR Coordinators will assist you with this process. This permit allows you ONLY to work at Muskoka Woods. If you plan on staying at Muskoka Woods year round or wish to work other places in Canada after your time at Muskoka Woods, you will need to apply for an International Experience Canada work permit. (information can be found online)


What are the contract dates for each season?
Leadership position contracts vary from season to season. Summer Leadership positions start in May and June and last 13 to 17 weeks. Year-round leadership commences in September and continues for 10 to 12 months following.
Non-leadership contract dates are as follows:
  • Winter/Spring – early January to late June
  • Spring – mid-April to late June
  • Summer – late June to early September
  • Fall – early September to early December

Please check each job post for details regarding contract dates. We offer seasonal employment all year around: summer, fall, winter and spring. Contracts may be combined and can span up to 12 months.

Can I do laundry?

Summer staff are offered a laundry service at a subsidized price where it is picked up on a weekly basis and returned 24 hours later. Year-round staff have access to a laundry room at no cost. This is a shared community space that has high-efficiency washers and dryers to use during your time off. Staff are asked to bring their own detergent and dryer sheets.

Can I bring or make my own food?

Staff can store snacks, treats, cereal, etc. in their rooms or the common space of their accommodations. We highly recommend that any food in cabins is kept in a sealed bin. As a seasonal staff member, you will NOT have access to a kitchen to prepare your own meals. Our kitchen provides gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free alternatives. We are a “nut-aware” facility which means we do not allow nut products in staff or guest accommodation as well as in any common area or dining room. If you have other dietary concerns, please email

What is included in room and board?

Seasonal Staff are expected to live on-site at Muskoka Woods. Staff are assigned a shared room with a bunk bed and shelves. Summer Counsellors stay in guest cabins. All of your meals are prepared for you by the team in the kitchen and served in the dining halls. Room and board is included for days off.

Do I need to have a COVID-19 vaccine to work at camp?
No. However we do recommend that all vaccinations are up to date.
Can I get volunteer hours?

As a staff member at Muskoka Woods, we are willing to work with you in order to get the volunteer hours you need for school. Staff members in the past have chosen to work unpaid for a week, instead being given 48 volunteer hours for the week. The HR Coordinators are willing to discuss how this could work for you.

Will I get paid?

Yes! Muskoka Woods offers a stipend to all staff plus room and board is provided. Stipends range from $100/week up to $300/week. All return staff are also welcome to apply for the Jamie Groves Bursary.

Do I have to work for the whole summer?

Most jobs are a full summer commitment. However, we do offer a limited number of half contracts. If you are interested in a half summer contract, please be sure to indicate that in the time off portion of your application. This will be discussed further in your interview.

What can I do on my time off?

On your daily time off, there are plenty of things available for you to do. You will have access to many of the athletics activity areas, planned staff social events in order to get to know people, or just hanging out around property! We also encourage you to use this time off to find rest, however it is that you rest well. Additionally, on your day off each week you are welcome to leave property in order to go to the nearby towns, or to hang out with friends and other staff off property.

If I don’t know anyone from Camp before I start working there, what opportunities will I have to make friends?

We have many opportunities for our staff to make friends and meet new people! All seasonal staff members live in community in cabins with other staff who are around their age. Additionally, our Staff Training Weeks and planned social events throughout the seasons give plenty of opportunities to make friends.