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The safety of our staff is vitally important to Muskoka Woods. We take this seriously at all times and are continually researching, learning, and implementing best practices for employee safety during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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At Muskoka Woods we recognise that no one intervention is 100% effective. This “Swiss cheese model” demonstrates that the more interventions we layer between individuals and the virus, the more effective we will be at mitigating the spread.



NOTE: Government Guidance and Public Health Protocols have not yet been defined for Ontario Summer Camps. This page will be updated with more detailed information as they are released:

Guests will be in cohorts

Muskoka Woods guests will enjoy a variety of preselected activities at camp. To meet the safety guidelines recommended by health officials, guests will participate in four different activities each day with their cabin. They’ll enjoy some of our most popular activities from all packages.

This is the perfect summer to

discover something new they love!

How will cohorts work?

  1. Guests will cohort with their cabin for all aspects of summer camp, including: activities, meals, evening programs and free time.
  2. Each activity will be 1.5 hours along allowing for advanced cleaning and travel time in between activities.
  3. For evening program, groups of cabins – called pods – will gather together in groups of 40 to 50 guests limiting the total number of people gathered together at any one time.

We’ve suspended packages this summer and different pricing levels. See our Rates and Dates page for information on pricing.

Meal service will happen in cohorts, outside and under tents. This year, instead of our usual buffet, we will be serving food in a cafeteria format, where guests will pick up their food in the dining hall and proceed to their outdoor eating area.

Upgrades We’ve Made

Outdoor Eating Areas

Health Care Centre Renovations

WARR (Wash Arm Rest Report)

Sunday Arrival 

Starting this summer, Summer Camp will begin on Sunday and run through the week, concluding on Saturday.

Sunday Arrival provides the space needed to clean and ready camp for a new week of guests. It will provide additional rest for Muskoka Woods staff to provide your child the BEST week at camp!

Drop-off happens on Sundays between 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.. Pick up is on Saturday between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

illustration of hands being washed.

Hand Hygiene

Staff have been trained on where and when to apply hand sanitizer. In addition, medical grade hand sanitizer stations have been installed in abundance around camp. Hand washing stations are installed in key locations.

All persons on resort property will be encouraged frequently to practice hand hygiene. Posters will indicate proper hand washing technique and remind guests and staff to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.


Ventilation & Air Filtration

HEPA (High-grade air filtration systems) have been installed to improve ventilation, indoor air quality and reduce the risk of airborne transmission of viruses.

Windows will be open when possible and exhaust fans left on at all times to keep air moving. Air-conditioning to be used during the evenings and overnight at all times.

Staff Training

Training for both full and part-time staff has been increased and special attention has been given during our onboarding process, including:

  • Proper hand washing frequency and techniques
  • Familiarity with current government and public health guidance, especially as it applies to resort-specific operations (such as housekeeping, food service, and maintenance)
  • Proper techniques for general cleaning and disinfecting
  • Proper use and disposal of personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks. Instructions for donning and doffing of PPE, physical distancing, and group gathering limits.

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cabins are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily including prior to group and guest arrival, and subsequent to departure. We take special care to clean and disinfect doorhandles, countertops and other high touch points. 

In addition, Muskoka Woods common areas common areas where physical distancing is not possible – such as our dining rooms and bathrooms – are being cleaned and disinfected at increased frequency including high tough points such as door handles, countertops and others.

Shared equipment is disinfected between uses.

Staff and guests are given guidance on where and when to apply hand sanitizer and scheduled handwashing happens throughout the day.

Screening & Testing

Visitors, staff and guests on property are screened and we make use of detailed logs for contact tracing.

Together with our local public health authority, we have developed comprehensive protocols to assess and isolate any symptomatic guest or staff member.

Where physical distancing poses a challenge, we have installed physical barriers. 

illustration of hands being washed.

Face Coverings

Non-medical masks (not PPE), i.e. material that covers the mouth, nose and chin, will be mandatory in public indoor spaces and recommended in public outdoor spaces whenever physical distancing is difficult.

Guidelines around the use of face coverings will always align with the most up-to-date requirements of the OCA and Public Health.

Physical Distancing

Guest cohorts will be kept at least 2m or 6ft apart to reduce the risk of spread. 

All gathering sizes will conform to the current applicable guidelines, even if this results in minor schedule changes to accommodate smaller gatherings. 

Outdoor space will be prioritised whenever possible and barriers will be introduced to protect staff and guests where necessary.


Quarantine & Self Isolation

If a Guest/Staff are required to isolate they will be moved to designated quarantine accommodations for isolation and will not be able to return to their cabin. While isolating, Muskoka Woods will ensure that adequate care is provided including supervision, medical care, food delivery, and other needs.

If the isolated guest has received a negative test result, their cohort will go back to regular COVID-19 procedures such as daily, self monitoring, distancing and following face covering protocols.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is the collection of names and contact information of people for public access areas. This information includes a time stamp. By collecting contact tracing information, Muskoka Woods is able to work with Public Health and identify individuals who are considered a high risk contact of a COVID-19 case.

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