Staff Coach – Guest Communicator

Company Mission

Muskoka Woods is a Christian youth development organization that welcomes everyone to an experience for a lifetime. We are located on the shores of beautiful Lake Rosseau and specialize in summer camp, school trips, group retreats and leadership development for all ages. We exist to inspire youth to shape their world.

Job Description

The Support department encompasses a variety of different positions that support the ministry and care of our staff and guests as well as contributing to the overall success of our excellent customer service standards.

At Muskoka Woods, we offer special nightly sessions for our guests across different age groups, including WILD (6 – 8 year old), Venture (9 – 10 year old), Junior High (11 – 12 year old), Senior High (13 – 14 year old), and CREW (15 – 16 year old). These sessions focus on topics related to Christian values, character, and personal beliefs, providing a safe and respectful space for discussions using Bible stories and other creative methods. Staff Coach Guest Communicators play a vital role in delivering content at Convo Cafe sessions (Exploring Life and Diving Deeper) with Junior High, Senior High, and CREW, as well as at Cabin Chat with WILD and Venture, and finally, at Spark, and Impact (a weekly large group multi-media experience). Our aim is to encourage our guests to think critically and inclusively. Whatever the occasion, our conversations are age appropriate and respectful of all religions and beliefs. All Staff Coaches are required to attend team meetings, lead small groups, attend Soul House, support Cadence, drive for hospital runs, and conduct One to Ones. Leadership staff are regularly assigned to the Night Watch schedule, the Dining Room Maitre’d schedule and contribute to alternate duties on guest arrival and departure days.

Leadership staff are regularly assigned to the Shutdown schedule and the Dining Room Maitre’d schedule.
Leadership staff also contribute to the overall ministry to staff and are required to lead a staff small group and participate in our One to One staff mentoring program.
All leadership staff contribute to alternate duties on guest arrival and departure days as well as the weekend stayover program. All Guest Communicators are required to act as “Staff Dorm Parents” within their assigned living accommodations. Expectations include: establishing and maintaining a healthy cabin culture, supporting and upholding all Muskoka Woods policies as well as directly addressing any conflicts that arise within the accommodations to the best of their ability.

Staff are required to attend all meetings as outlined during staff training including Cadence and Small Group.


Skills and Attributes Required

Muskoka Woods is looking for staff whose personal values match the MW Core Values which includes having a passion for working with children and youth.

Guest Communicators must have excellent verbal communication skills, and be able to effectively speak in front of large groups and bring energy and “sizzle” to every talk. Experience with children ages 6 to 10 is required. Experience speaking/teaching in front of both Christian and non-Christian settings is preferred.

*Please note: Applicants must send a 2-3 minute video of them presenting our curriculum. Content will be sent at the same time as an offer for an interview.

Salary Range

$185 - $215 per week plus room and board

Full Summer Bonus

Each leadership employee who commits their entire summer will qualify for a $400 bonus to be given at the end of the summer.

Contract Dates

June 2 - August 30, 2024

Essential Functions Required

  • Be able to assist guests and staff in an emergency
  • Possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of guests and/or staff
  • Possess the ability to work for 7 to 9 hours at a time
  • Ability to participate in work projects – lifting and carrying between 10 – 30 lbs
  • Have the ability to accompany guests across camp
  • Have the ability to verbally communicate well with staff and guests

Additional Notes

  • All staff are required to uphold the Muskoka Woods Vision and Mission, Core Values and Aspirations, as well as all policy and procedures as outlined during our Staff Development Week held at the beginning of your contract.
  • All Counsellors stay in a cabin with our guests. All other staff stay in shared staff accommodation.

Apply now via Muskoka Woods' online application process. You'll need to create an account (or use a previously created one) and apply online.