Director of Schools and Groups

Company Mission

Muskoka Woods is a Christian youth development organization that welcomes everyone to an experience for a lifetime. We are located on the shores of beautiful Lake Rosseau and specialize in summer camp, school trips, group retreats and leadership development for all ages. We exist to inspire youth to shape their world.

Job Purpose

September through June, schools, churches and corporate groups of all kinds are discovering the unique and powerful benefits of Muskoka Woods. Each year, more than 25,000 students and leaders arrive at Muskoka Woods to participate in memorable outdoor programs and retreat experiences. With over 30 awesome recreational activities and premier facilities, Muskoka Woods is an industry leader in providing a positive atmosphere where students grow, laugh and thrive. The Director of Schools and Groups is responsible for program development, customer experience delivery and leadership of all program staff. They will lead the team that delivers all year-round program offerings, including the Leadership Studio at Muskoka Woods.

Key Job Functions

Program Development and Management

  • Responsible for the development of all youth and leadership program offerings from September to June – adapting current programs and developing new program offerings to deepen mission impact, add value, increase revenue and attract new market segments
  • Work with educational partners in our Schools program to enhance curriculum-based outcomes
  • Maintain program alignment with industry and provincial standards (e.g. OCA, OPHEA, school boards guidelines)
  • Ensure all program objectives are delivered, evaluated and improved to increase customer satisfaction and program effectiveness
  • Maintain expertise in positive youth development, educational pedagogy and outdoor recreation program delivery through personal development and research
  • Facilitate leadership experiences and responsible for the management and training of a “faculty of facilitators” in our leadership development programming
  • Effectively develops and manages a sliding scale for all related program budgets (ie facilities, equipment, staffing)

Customer Experience Delivery

  • Deliver on Muskoka Woods’ service standards throughout the booking process, arrival, program participation and follow-up so customers return consistently and recommend us to others
  • Ensure effective collaboration across the various functions and departments of the resort to deliver service standards
  • Develop a comprehensive customer feedback processes in conjunction with the Marketing Director and Schools and Groups Guest Relations Manager
  • Pay vigilant attention to customer feedback and provide creative solutions to address satisfaction issues

People Management / Leadership

  • Effectively lead, manage and hold accountable a department of full-time and seasonal staff that results in the following outcomes:
    • Fully engaged and motivated staff who are committed to living out the vision and mission of Muskoka Woods and delivering program outcomes
    • Alignment in Muskoka Woods culture
    • Delivery of excellent customer service, with a focus on safety
  • Conduct employee Growth Rings as outlined by senior management


  • Participate in Senior Leadership meetings (L10) and lead team meetings through our EOS processes
  • Be available for scheduled evening/weekend on-call shifts and as required
  • Participate in all corporate events including Town Hall, Arboretum and annual Staff Retreat
  • Contribute to and attend chapel services, Bible studies, assigned mentoring relationships and social events
  • Personal/professional development as required
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Skills and Attributes Required:

  • Ability to conceptualize and lead the mission and organizational objectives of Muskoka Woods
  • Knowledge in positive youth development, educational pedagogy, outdoor recreation and leadership development
  • Proficiency in developing youth/leadership programming and curriculum that link to the Ontario school curriculum
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to develop business plans for new program initiatives
  • Ability to inspire employees to achieve our corporate and departmental goals through leading by example, promoting an environment for healthy teamwork, and participative management.
  • Strong customer service orientation and skills that inspires a customer service attitude in all employees
  • Ability to effectively lead and implement change
  • Strong organizational and administrative skills including managing details, tenacious follow through and tactical planning
  • Flexible and adaptable in a fast-paced working environment
  • Willing to live on-site and be scheduled for on call questions and emergencies

Experience/Qualifications required

  • University/College degree – Education or youth/child development degree preferred
  • 3-5 years of management experience
  • Educational leadership and/or camp experience is preferred

Essential Functions

  • Ability to communicate, both written and verbal with guests and staff
  • Able to physically navigate camp property
  • Possess physical and mental strength and endurance to maintain constant supervision of guests and staff

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