Muskoka Woods hires over 100 Program Leadership and Counsellors each summer. The Program Department has the overall responsibility of our guests and supervises them in their cabins, at meal times, during free time and in evening programs. Muskoka Woods offers positions that support our ministry initiatives, production of quality programming as well as Leadership and Counsellor positions in five sections as listed below.

WILD: Guests ages 6- to 8-years-old.
Venture: Guests ages 9- to 10-years-old.
Junior High: Guests ages 11- to 13-years-old.
Senior High: Guests ages 14- to 16-years-old.
CEO Leadership Program: Guests ages 15- to 17-years-old.

A Counsellor’s primary responsibility is the safety of our guests plus providing a caring and supportive environment to learn, reflect, make new friends and of course have FUN! Counsellors stay in cabins with the guests, eat all meals with their cabin, provide and participate in evening program as well as facilitate Cabin Chat/Conversation Café cabin discussions. Each Counsellor is also expected to help instruct one to two hours of an assigned activity per day. All staff are required to attend all meetings as outlined during staff training.

Skills & Attributes required:
Muskoka Woods is looking for staff whose personal values match the MW Core Values which include having a passion for working with children and youth. Counsellors must be able to facilitate cabin discussions, manage group dynamics, build relationships and create a safe yet fun cabin culture. Staff must be able to manage their time well, have excellent attention to detail, and be wise in decision making. Staff must be supportive, patient, energetic and have good communication and interpersonal skills with adults and children. Previous experience with children and youth is preferred.

Salary Range: $120 – $140 per week plus room and board
Contract Dates: June 21st – August 30th, 2019

Essential Functions for all Program Positions

  • Be able to assist guests and staff in an emergency
  • Possess strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of guests and/or staff
  • Have the ability to accompany guests across camp
  • Be able to lead small and large group activities •
  • Have the ability to communicate well in person and on the phone

** Please note that all staff are required to uphold the Muskoka Woods Vision and Mission, Core Values and Aspirations, as well as all policy and procedures as outlined during our Staff Development Week held at the beginning of your contract.

** Please note: All Counsellors stay in a cabin with our guests. All Program Leadership stay in shared staff accommodation.

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